Greetings Brothers of the Eastern Region,

I am excited and eager for you to experience what the Eastern Regional Conference Planning Team has been creating for you as we convene on the historic city of Baltimore in April 2018. Thank you in advance to the members of The Zeta Sigma Chapter and the Conference Chair, Honorable Brother Scherod C. Barnes.

During the Leadership Retreats, we discussed the importance of being prepared. Please read both the Conference and Awards packets fully to make sure your chapter properly submits for all awards and recognitions eligible for your respective chapter as well as individual recognition. In addition, please remember chapters are 

expected to submit Chapter Reports. Please make sure you do so and respect all deadlines.

The brothers and the city are ready to embrace The Eastern Region. There will be a great opportunity for Sigma to leave its mark on Baltimore through a “Day of Service”. We are hoping that you will come in town a day early to participate in what we believe will be an IMPACTFUL day of Service for Sigma and the City of Baltimore.

Finally, as I go into my first Regional Conference as your Regional Director, I trust you will continue to see and bare witness this administration’s desire to “Elevate our Communities through Service”.


Devon M. Henry
26th Eastern Regional Director