Welcome to Baltimore Brothers

Greetings Brothers,

We are sincerely pleased to welcome our brothers of Phi Beta Sigma and our many guests to Baltimore City and its beautiful downtown inner harbor.    Baltimore holds a special place in the hearts of Zeta Sigma brothers and we are excited and proud to share “Charm City” with all of our visitors.   We hope that during your visit that you get a moment to enjoy the various entertainment centers that range from festivals to museums, the aquarium to the theater, shopping to sports and even smaller neighborhood attractions that we think you will enjoy.    We encourage you to take advantage of your time in our wonderful city and absorb the abundant number of things to see and do in Baltimore during your stay.

Over the next few days, we shall have both the opportunity and the invitation to add yet another glorious page to the history of our organization. The task upon us should continue to exemplify the high ideals set forth by our Founders.  Hence, the work of Sigma that we perform this week should continue to reflect the legacy left by our Founders and our brothers who have gone before us.   Our goal for this occasion is simply to elevate our illustrious Eastern Region to new heights within Sigmadom.

The Zeta Sigma Chapter members have spent over a year planning and preparing for this occasion and this week of activities.  We trust that we have made every accommodation to ensure that your stay is meaningful and appropriate. We are confident that when all is said and done, that our Eastern Regional meeting will have accomplished its mission and will have, once again, represented the organization to the best of our abilities. Having fulfilled our obligation, all that we ask is that when you return to your homes, please strive to infuse and uplift your  community with the knowledge gained from this auspicious occasion.


Elford D. Jackson, II
Zeta Sigma Chapter